Big Blue Robot Leading the Way in Online Reputation Management

In the business of reputation management, sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of a reputation management strategy, like keywords, meta tags, linkbuilding, and more. But reputation management is about more than number crunching to make sure your websites do well in a Google search.  Big Blue Robot knows that at its core, reputation management is about building a solid, positive reputation. And the best way to build a solid reputation for your company is simply to become the company that is publishing industry leading thoughts and ideas, in other words: thought leadership.

Thought Leadership and Reputation Management

Don Sorenson Big Blue RobotIn many industries, you’ll find one company that is always pushing the boundaries, coming up with new ideas, and sharing those ideas with the world. That company may not even make the most ground-breaking products. But if they are out there talking about the industry as a whole and engaging in public conversations about the direction and practices of the current industry, people in that industry are going to stand up and listen to them.

Sure, that might be easy for a company like Apple, but what if you make blenders? How can you make blenders seem interesting to people who don’t care about the blender industry at all? Well, if you’re Blendtec, you create an amazing web series about your product that makes people look at it in a brand new way and garner you with lots of attention.

In fact, chances are, if you work within an industry that has no current thought leader, you’ll be able to find massive success by being the first to lead the charge.

Building Reputation Through Thought Leadership

That’s all well and good, but how do you go about building a thought leadership strategy and implementing it at your company? First of all you have to have a place to share your thoughts and ideas. Primarily, this can be a blog on your company website. Or you can go and build a whole new website (Like Blendtec) that is meant specifically for creating a venue for your company to showcase its thought leadership.

What is most important about this new venue is that you spend time on it and put things there that actually matter. Remember, you can’t be a thought leader if you’re sharing the same old ideas that everyone in your industry has already shared on their canned company blog. You need to be different. You need to be awesome.

Take a stand, predict the future of the industry, highlight an aspect of the industry that few people talk about, look at the industry in a new perspective, do a case study, disturb the waters of business-as-usual—these are all ways to get noticed and to start a conversation.

And when you can get the attention of people inside and outside of your industry, you’ll begin building a great reputation management strategy.

When reporters want to talk to someone in your industry who will they call? When college students write a paper about an aspect of your industry, who will they quote? When other blogs in the industry want to comment on your idea, who will they link to? You—because you’ll be the one talking about it when no one else is.

Soon, you’ll be building links to your blog or other websites simply by stepping outside the box and daring to share your opinion with the world. And when you can do that, you won’t have to worry about “scam reports” and negative reviews popping up in a Google search for your company name. Because you will have already have a successful online reputation as a result of your thought-leadership online reputation management strategy.