Boot Camp Marketing In the New Year



Chino Hills, CA December 4, 2011

This New Year is the best time of year for personal trainers to position their fitness boot camps as the solution for what 80% of resolution makers are seeking for. It’s easy to fall into the misconception that your business will grow simply because it’s the new year and folks are looking for fitness and fat loss solutions. However, the truth is, unless you have systematic boot camp marketing tactics in place you stand to lose your share of the clients to your competitor who may be better prepared.

For the new year, there are multiple of boot camp marketing tactics a personal trainer can put to work. One of the biggest factors is to separate prospects from suspects. In other words, to identify who in your community is seeking out your solutions and only targeting your marketing message to them.

Some other variables to consider are making a unique and irresistible offer to your prospects. Or offering  complete rick reversal by providing a money back guarantee. Other components that will make the phone ring with prospects is social proof – or before and after pictures. But the most important boot camp marketing strategy to use in the new year is to stimulate client referrals. Since fitness and fat loss are front of mind for many people, your clients are more likely to refer their friends and co-workers then any other time of the year.

Boot Camp Marketing Ideas

Not to be overlooked are online boot camp marketing ideas. For example if you have an email list, this is the best time to offer your list an incredible program at a relatively low price to encourage them to come in and try your boot camp. Also, marketing studies show that more people are searching for personal training, fat loss, and local fitness solutions on google and other major search engines making pay per click marketing very promising.


“It’s really exciting to see fitness trainers quickly grow their businesses in the new year. In my experience this mainly happen for fitness boot camp owners who have prepared ahead of time and systematically deploy their boot camp marketing tactics, says Bedros Keuilian –  fitness marketing expert and the most sought after boot camp marketing guru. Truthfully, the whole thing is formulaic, plug and play really. It just takes a little preparation.”

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