Build My Rank Deindexed – What Next For Internet Marketers?

Build My Rank deindexedThe popular blog network Build My Rank was deindexed by Google and has shut it’s doors today.  Build My Rank offered a very high quality backlinks service for people willing to add unique and original articles.  Over the last few weeks Google has deindexed dozens of high profile public blog networks which has created a cascade of falling rankings that internet marketers had built.  Today Build My Rank announced it’s been a great run, closing their doors.

Google Crushes the Dreams and Incomes of Millions

In a time of worldwide recession millions of people have turned to the internet to make money online.  Google is now crushing the incomes of millions of people.  A friend of mine actually had to let go of 6 virtual assistants that worked for him.  Those are 6 families that no longer have a source of income, cannot pay their bills, and cannot feed their children.  But look on the bright side, Google will now be able to force businesses to spend more money on Google advertising services like Adwords.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  The only winner out of this is Google.  The golden age of opportunity to make money online or even just make some extra money to pay some bills is quickly closing.

When they take out a respected and high quality network like Build My Rank they are sending a message that they will now allow nothing to stand.  Blog networks offered a viable way for people on a very limited budget to rank their websites in Google so that they could earn money.

Google’s message to them all – We don’t care if you make money, we are in control of the internet and we shall control who is at the top.  O.K., they didn’t actually say this, but to many internet marketers its implied.  The actions of Google are for them to make more money at the expense of others making none at all.  If you are a blogger that was hoping this is now your chance for your great content to just start organically ranking higher, guess again!

This is the end of the “Mom and Pops” websites and the age where big business sites take it all.  30 years ago every town had a couple hardware stores, now its all about Lowes and Home Depot.  The super stores took over and the small businesses had to fold.  The same progression is now happening online.  You can still make money but if you are just getting started it will be harder than ever.

Alternatives to Build My Rank and Other Networks

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Use powerful SEO and link building software to build and keep your rankings before it is too late.  Build My Rank – thank you for your service, we are sorry to see you leave.