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Chino Hills Fit Body Boot Camp has officially become the #1 fitness boot camp in Chino Hills.  Congratulations to Cara & John Eckerman for their commitment to excellence and helping their clients collectively lose thousands of pounds.  The Chino Hills boot camp experience just wouldn’t be complete without the motivation and fun that happens everyday at Fit Body Boot Camp.

Fit Body Boot Camp was started by Steve Hochman and Bedros Keuilian, or “Billion Dollar Bedros” as he is called by his peers to serve as the new standard of fitness boot camps across the entire world.  With close to 300 fitness boot camp internationally “Billion Dollar Bedros” stands to take over the world with his #1 ranking fitness boot camps.

Why Fit Body is the #1 Chino Hills Boot Camp

Here is what Chino Hills Fit Body has to offer:

  • Accountability
  • Encouragement and Motivation
  • Simple Nutrition
  • Firm Toned Muscles
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Fun and Effective
  • Lifelong Healthy Habits
  • Guaranteed Results

Chino Hills Fat Burning Formula

Since our fat melting Indoor Boot Camp in Chino Hills, workout combines all the benefits of cardio, weights and core training with an instructor that really cares about your results, never will you have to deal with the uneasy feeling of a corporate gym and trainers that.  Our new Chino Hills boot camp formula will neutralize your stress, causing your fat hormones to shut down so you can stop storing fat, especially in your stomach, hips and thighs.  Their fitness formula is unstoppable!  If you are in the San Diego area check out the La Jolla Fitness Boot Camp opening soon.

Chino Hills Boot Camp Exercises

Fitness Boot Camps Around the World

When most people think of boot camps, they imagine very harsh military training intended to turn ordinary men and women into physically fit soldiers. It’s something that is seen as a grueling punishment that people would rarely subject themselves to willingly, but it has been used for decades in the military for a good reason: a boot camp is a great way to get into shape quickly and Chino Hills Fit Body can do the same. Boot camps work so well in promoting weight loss that fitness boot camps have begun opening all over the country.

Fitness boot camps are exercise classes that combine aerobic, calisthenic and other bodyweight exercises into an intense training regimen over a period of around four to eight weeks. This may sound to all the world like a typical exercise program that may be offered in a neighborhood gym, but the difference between most exercise programs and a fitness boot camp is that fitness boot camps are designed to push participants harder than they would normally push themselves. This is of course very difficult and is not for all exercisers, but the intensity of the training often shows some fantastic results. Members of classes often lose six pounds and around five to six percent of their body fat. Many also find that they can reduce their mile run time by two minutes.

There are as many different types of fitness boot camps as there are different fitness regimens. Many boot camps share common elements, however. A typical fitness boot camp is attended by a small class of around six to ten people, and the classes themselves are held in an outdoor environment such as a park. Classes typically begin early in the morning with a ten minute warm-up. This is followed by a 30 to 40 minute workout that may consist of push-ups, plyometric exercises, squats, lunges, sprints, core strength exercises and other exercises meant to promote weight loss, improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health. This is of course concluded with the always-important yet often-overlooked cool down.

Starting Fitness Boot Camps

Those who wish to start a fitness boot camp as part of a business are also in luck. Many experts have said that fitness boot camp marketing is actually fairly easy. A boot camp usually doesn’t require a very large staff to operate, and they can be attended by several students at one time. A boot camp can be inexpensive to manage or attend, and since they can help to get people in shape in a relatively short amount of time they are often ideal for those who would like to get in shape yet may not have the time or funds for a gym membership.

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