Mati Kochavi, Innovating Global Security and Safety in the 21st Century

mati kochaviMati Kochavi is a successful entrepreneur and a thought leader in global security and urban management. With undergrad and graduate degrees from Haifa University, Israel, Kochavi went on to establish many successful businesses, including investing in telecommunications, software development, energy, and real estate. Today, Mr. Kochavi is the founder and CEO of AGT international as well as the chairman of 3i-Mind.

AGT International

Kochavi founded AGT International in 2007, under the philosophy that current global security strategies and practices weren’t effective at combating terrorism and other security threats. At the time, many security practices were informed and run by military and defense organizations. However, security in the 21st century required a different approach in order to handle the unique needs of a growing urban population and the increasingly porous nature of national and international borders. Since then, AGT international has dedicated itself to providing security solutions to law enforcement and urban security organizations that fit the specific needs of each city and country.

Today, AGT International has over 2000 employees from 30 nations. It operates on 5 continents and manages $8 billion in projects worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing security and public safety organizations in the world and is helping national and local governments make better decisions about the safety and security of their citizens by utilizing innovative data collection and analytics tools.

AGT International’s network of privately-held companies provide consulting services to governments and municipal organizations, and they create applications that fit the unique needs of each organization. Overall, the goal of AGT International is to help local and national governments predict, prepare for, and prevent security problems through unique solutions.

The Problems of Increasing Urbanization

The United Nations predicts that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in an urban environment. And Kochavi believes that this new, urbanized world will be “embedded with new vulnerabilities, challenges, and threats . . . . that will be presented with complicated issues. Well-run cities will be the safest places on earth, but will also need to manage the evolving needs of their cities and populations.” Mr. Kochavi hopes that AGT International will be there to help make the transition manageable and efficient.

Predictive Analysis in the 21st Century

As part of Kochavi’s goal to make a smooth transition to efficient management of urban population centers, he is the Chairman of 3i-Mind. 3i-Mind seeks to create more intelligent data analytics tools that go beyond simple reports and charts, and start moving toward a more predictive analysis model that will help cities and governments combat future security threats.

Overall, Mati Kochavi sees that the 21st century offers both unique opportunities and challenges to our growing urban populations. And he is striving to make that growth manageable and safe for citizens and governments, in order to foster a more secure and peaceful world.