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New Twist to Metabolic Workouts Maximizes Clients’ Fat Burning and Lean Muscle Building Potential

Posted on September 19, 2011 by in Fitness News

metabolic resistance trainingSept 19, 2011
Toronto, ON
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Craig Ballantyne Releases Metabolic Resistance Training Innovation

With a number of Metabolic Resistance Training workouts already in its lineup, is leading the revolution to oust slow, ineffective bodybuilder and cardio bunny workouts for good.

In an effort to overcome boredom and substandard results in gyms, and other leading fat loss experts have been creating a more advanced style of fat loss workout known as Metabolic Resistance Training.

Traditionally a 3-day-per-week total body program, these MRT workouts stimulate your metabolic systems for maximum calorie burning because they involve using supersets and circuits to train with an elevated heart rate while taking minimal rest.

Combine these MRT programs with the research findings of Drs. Tremblay and Bouchard from 1994 in which they found short, burst interval training to be better than long, slow, boring cardio for fat loss, and what you have is a set of three 45-minute workouts that burn considerably more fat and build more lean muscle than those outdated bodybuilding and cardio bunny workouts.

And while traditional interval training within the metabolic circuits is proven to burn more fat, many Turbulence Training clients actually prefer the variety and challenge of the futuristic metabolic finishers that are commonplace within its advanced MRT workouts.

Yet despite the success these experts’ metabolic workouts have achieved from men and women around the world, recent research suggests the best schedule to maximize your lean muscle gains and fat loss, might just be the 4-day workout schedule.

And so was created the Turbulence Training MRT program.

By modifying the heavy metabolic resistance training component while incorporating metabolic resistance conditioning using lighter resistance and less rest, Turbulence Training created a 4-day metabolic program that gave clients 4 fat burning sessions per week in which they could work their metabolic system harder and thus maximize the overall calories burned.

Times are changing and the entire fitness industry is going through a revolution – out are the old school, time-consuming bodybuilding and cardio bunny workouts, in are the fast-paced, short, burst workouts that build muscle, burn fat, and even sculpt 6-pack abs at the same time.

More information on innovative workouts like metabolic resistance training at Craig Ballantynes new website

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