New Study Digs Deep into Latest Fashion Trend: Beards

Before you check out that fancy Beard Grooming Kit your about to buy online, maybe you should read these interesting beard facts from this latest study.

  • Attractiveness ratings were highest for bearded faces with smaller jaws followed by bearded and clean- shaven faces with larger jaws and lowest for clean-shaven faces with small jaws
  • Researchers found that a beard could compensate for smaller features
  • In the study, 37 male faces were rated for their attractiveness, and dominant appearance, when clean-shaven and fully bearded
  • A higher facial width-to-height ratio was a sign of masculinity and sex appeal
    But having too large a jaw and a beard was a negative, according to the stud
  • Faces with full beards and large jaws received significantly higher ratings than clean-shaven faces with large and small jaws, and clean-shaven faces with large jaws received significantly higher ratings than clean- shaven faces with small jaws.
  • ‘Attractiveness ratings of facial hair may reflect a compromise between overly dominant looking faces with larger jaws and the additive effects beardedness has on these ratings.’

  • Evolutionary scientists from Darwin onwards have debated the significance of beards. To some they are a step backwards because being clean-shaven allows males to assess a threat, and for women how attractive a potential partner they might be.

    But there are some who stress that a beard can appear virile and act as a show of health – similar to birds brightly coloured feathers.

    They can have a role in display too. Among the Meldpa of Papua New Guinea, parting the beard and thrust-ing the jaw toward a rival occurs during agonistic encounters and may curtail the escalation of conflict.

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