Photo Restoration School

Photo RestorationPhoto Restoration School is leading the photo restoration education market with its online video course. The aim of Photo Restoration School (PRS) is to spread the art of photo restoration and enable anyone to restore their own photos instead of spending lots of money on hiring a professional photo restorer.

Photo Restoration School was founded in 2011 by Dan, a photo restoration expert with 8 years of experience restoring photos. Dan still restores photos, but more and more of his time is spent teaching and helping others restore their own photos.

Photo Restoration Course

PRS teaches photo restoration through screen recorded videos and written step-by-step instructions. The preferred photo restoration software used during the course is GIMP, which has been chosen for the powerful features and the fact that it’s open source. i.e. it’s free. This means anyone can get started learning how to restore photos without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for Adobe Photoshop.

The course consists of five modules and each module consists of several video tutorials covering different aspects of photo restoration. Dan has based the photo restoration course on the work methods and techniques used by the best photo restoration experts.

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