Platinum Protection

Platinum Protection is a very innovative home security systems company. Founded in 2006, Platinum has already partnered with the likes of GE to supply its alarm equipment. All of the equipment that Platinum Protection provides its customers with is wireless. It is so convenient that a home owner can access his or her security system through a mobile device!

Platinum Protection Home Security

Platinum Protection is an industry leader in not only equipment, but also monitoring. Platinum is known as an industry leader in monitoring. And the growth of the company has been quite astounding. It has gone from a small sales force of just a few hundred to being a company that is on the national radar as being a top supplier of home security systems. Like most companies that meet with this kind of success, it is because of the commitment that Platinum Protection has to its customers. Their mantra has always been that the needs of the customer come first, and helping families to feel safer and secure in their own homes, be it as protection from fire or from home invasion.

Platinum Protection Home Security PDA

Not only does Platinum Protection provide the basics in home security, but it also uses the latest technological resources to go a step further. Did you know that Platinum has the functionality for you to be able to arm your alarm system when you are away from home or to do something as simple as turn off the light you left on? You can even act like a fly on the wall and check on your kids at home while you are out running errands. That’s why Platinum Protection customers feel so safe and secure. What will they think of next? All you need is a PDA, an iPhone, or a Blackberry and you can do all of the things mentioned above.

Platinum ProtectionPlatinum Protection continues to set records in home security system sales. Their unique salesmanship is part of their formula for success as they get referrals from satisfied users of their service and work a lot by word-of-mouth. When the services rendered are as great and convenient as that offered by Platinum Protection, it’s a soft sell, and there are thousands upon thousands of customers across the nation that have been protected by Platinum and have nothing but good things to say about a company that marries innovation with excellent customer service and extremely professional conduct.

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  • I’ve found Platinum Protection to be a fantastic home security system. I love how I can use the Platinum Protection apps on my iPad to check out our home security.