Online Retailer of the Popular Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress Product Line

The Plushbeds Identity is a leading online premium latex mattress retailer. There are several unique features about Plushbeds that make them stand out among their peers, including their latex mattresses, as well as the way they do business. — a Commitment to Quality

Plushbeds has a true commitment to quality. All of their latex mattresses are produced with all natural latex material. Many other latex mattress retailers use either fully synthetic latex to construct their mattresses, or blended latex, which is commonly anywhere between 30-40% natural latex and 60-70% synthetic latex. Plushbeds commitment to using only fresh natural latex gives them an advantage for selling to customers who enjoy the green-lifestyle, but also to those who may have allergies to petroleum-based products. Another plus with natural latex is that it is antimicrobial and is resistant to mold and mildew as well as dust mites. With 100% natural latex mattresses such as those offered by Plushbeds, you also avoid the off gassing that other foam mattresses commonly have because they are man-made using petrochemicals. Plushbeds’ Botanical Bliss latex mattress is their flagship product line, and has been a number one seller for them for several years. The highest quality latex is imported from Sri Lanka and used in the construction of these extremely comfortable sleep surfaces.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

The Plushbeds Way of Doing Business

Plushbeds’ way of doing business has given them a real advantage in the industry. Plushbeds has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has always striven to communicate effectively with its customers, making sure they are pleased both before and after the sale. Unlike most other online latex mattress retailers, it should be noted that Plushbeds doesn’t have a difficult-to-understand return policy. Plushbeds has a straightforward 100-night sleep trial, and takes returns for a flat fee of only $99. Other online latex mattress retailers have a sketchy return policy that is vague and unclear, where the customer may be on the hook for several hundreds of dollars to ship the product back across the country, and still then be at the mercy of the vendor as to what condition they will state that it is in when returned (pro-rating the refund amount). Further, the customer is on their own to find a shipping company that will pack and ship such a large and heavy item. Not only does Plushbeds offer the peace of mind of a full refund minus the $99 return fee to the customer if they are not fully satisfied, but they do a free comfort layer exchange, wherein if all it takes is one layer switched out to a different firmness, they will do that once free of charge.

Quest for Perfection

Plushbeds quest for perfection has them custom-making their latex mattresses to the specifications of their customers. Each latex mattress sold is done so on an individual basis, where the customer has the opportunity to choose the ILD rating (firmness level) that ranges from soft to medium-firm to firm, and everywhere along the spectrum. Although there is a more common selection among their customers, the medium-firm, there are always selections that can be made for individual preference.

A New Organic Cotton Superior Latex Mattress Cover

Continually innovating, and finding ways to further please their customers, Plushbeds has recently released their new organic cotton latex mattress cover, which has proven to be a great asset to their company to further distinguish them from their competition. Whereas most mattress covers are mass-produced and woven, the material being very tight and inflexible because the strands of yarn are straight, Plushbeds’ organic cotton mattress cover has been created by knitting, the strands being looped, allowing them to stretch in any direction, making the latex below it more able to conform to a person’s body contours and offering much better pressure relief.

organic cotton latex mattress cover

Look for to continue to lead the pack in the foreseeable future in online latex mattress sales. Also newly-introduced along with their organic cotton cover, and as part of their Botanical Bliss lineup, is their 10-inch mattress thickness. Seek out online for sounder, higher quality, and more healthful sleep.