July 28, 2015

Rick Porter to Offer Backlinks and New Link Building Services in 2012

For Immediate Release:
December 14th, 2011

High Powered Backlinks and Link Building Services

link building servicesStarting in January of 2012 Rick Porter will be expanding his business of SEO consulting
high level marketers to adding more affordable link building services that can be used
by local businesses and beginning marketers to help them achieve higher search engine
rankings and visibility.

Rick Porter stated that, “Finding a balance between giving a customer a high quality
backlinks package that is both affordable and very effective is actually the biggest

Up until now only high level internet marketers and businesses could
afford my services, but with the recent expansion of my VA team and adding my own
office overseas I’ll be able to give a wider variety SEO and link building services at
more affordable rates.  The bottom line here is that the service must get results for
my clients that are noticeable and consistent but cheap enough to provide a real ROI.”

Quality Backlinks for Fast Rankings

Rick Porter has had success helping his clients get more traffic and more customers
with his quality backlinks methodology that he uses.  Backlinks are built from trusted
sources giving a wide variety of contextual links from blogs and high page rank
domains which has driven rankings higher very consistently.

“None of my linking methodologies have been affected by Google algorithm changes
or the Panda update this year.  I can only assume that since my clients continued
moving up in the rankings all through 2011 that I was doing something right”, stated
Porter in regards to our question on the much talked about Panda.

The pricing for the new link building service offerings has not yet been set but there
are plans to have a monthly service as low as $99 per month that would include a

For more information on Rick Porter and his services you can go direct to his website:


Rick Porter
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