Finally Accurate Information On Acquiring A Second Passport


Second PassportSep 23, 2011
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Making information readily available about how to get a second passport, how to structure an offshore company, and how to protect your privacy on the internet and offline are a few of the priorities of is on the forefront of the sovereign movement and is all about independence, protecting your privacy, offshore business, and building and protecting your wealth.

A second passport is a useful insurance in times of trouble, as has been shown in the past and also more recently in places as far apart as Germany and Egypt. The problem with getting a second passport though is that there are lots of information online, but a majority of the information and advice available is either outdated or straight out illegal practices. There are a lot of incompetent people out there giving advice that really shouldn’t.

The natural way of acquiring a second passport is to take up residency in a country and live there the required number of years until you can apply for citizenship, but another option is to acquire a passport through an economic citizenship. Some countries offer economic citizenship for those who are willing to invest a certain sum within the country.

Another possible way to get your hands on a second passport is if you have the right blood in your veins. Several countries offer citizenship through ancestry, so if you have parents or grand parents from one of these countries you might be eligible to apply for citizenship without having to wait in line several years.


You can of course also marry a foreign citizen and in that way acquire a dual citizenship and passport, although this option might not be practical for everyone. fills a void and offers quality information about getting a second passport, all the way from choosing an appropriate country and applying for residence to going through the naturalization process and finally apply for citizenship.

The bottom line is that more and more people are starting to see the benefits of having a dual citizenship, which is due to both globalization and more controlling and invasive governments over the world.

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