A new newsletter is set to provide 1,000 business owners with Internet independence even if Google favors itself over its competition in search results

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(Toronto, ON, Sept. 21, 2011)-For most internet marketers, profiting a few dollars here and there is as good as it gets, but thanks to a new newsletter, at least 1,000 business owners will experience online marketing success by years end.

“It’s for people who either already have or want to start a business online and are tired of being dependent on others for income,” said Craig Ballantyne, who writes a daily newsletter called Internet Independence, which helps marketers and business owners improve their internet business.

The primary mission of the newsletter, Ballantyne said, is to help 1,000 people achieve internet independence in 2011.

Achieving Internet independence, however, is sometimes easier said than done.

In fact, Google, the search engine giant, this week found itself in the hot seat in an antitrust hearing in Washington, answering questions about how it produces its search results, if it favors its own businesses, thwarts competition and hurts buyers, which affects every business on the internet.

“InternetIndependence.com is about reviving the American Dream globally by harnessing the power of the internet to create your financial freedom at any age, by anyone, anywhere,” Ballantyne explained. “It doesn’t matter where you live, or what your government is doing to interfere in your financial situation, by using the Internet to create value for others, you can be rewarded with not only financial freedom, but a business that allows you to dictate the schedule, the workday, and the vision.”

Brent Lipke, a chiropractor who uses online marketing strategies, said he’s one of those business owners who caught the vision and turned his business around with the help and guidance of Internetindependence.com.

“Thanks to you, I have an idea and have started a business, using every strategy you’ve given me over the past six months, that is unique, in a market that I believe to be hungry and as of yet untapped, “Lipke said. “The best part is, it is in the totally saturated fitness market, to a massive niche group from an angle that I believe has never been done.

It’s totally relationship-based and will hit the market with Beiber-like fury.”

For Ballantyne, those results come as no surprise.

“With InternetIndependence.com, you’ll discover daily guidance that will light your path as you build your Internet business from your kitchen table or spare bedroom, so that you can create and design the life of your dreams, and the one you deserve for all of your hard work,” Ballantyne said.

For more information about InternetIndependence.com, visit: http://www.internetindependence.com