Leverage Your Business Now With BNI Columbia

BNI Columbia to help leverage your business network through a relational mindset. So, before you see a referral from another business owner, you must have built a relationship with them. When I enter a room of business owners for the purpose of networking, I’m not looking to hand out as many business cards as I can, but rather, I’m looking to start a relationship with another business owner that may lead to referrals and business growth for both of us.

Start leveraging your business network today by reaching out to your database and ask them how you can be of service. Support their business by making recommendations; give them a testimonial if you have done business with them; and introduce them to your community. You could even host your own networking mixer and introduce your business contacts to each other. This is the difference that is taught at Business Network International BNI Columbia where you sell through your business network to find business.