Why Joining Another Blog Network is a Stupid Move And What is the Alternative

don't join blog networks anymoreThere is a lot of talk in the internet marketing and link building world right now about all of the blog networks like Build My Rank being deindexed and what I find most surprising is how other marketers are simply recommending and doing reviews on blog networks like RankJumpers that haven’t been deindexed yet.

All I can say is joining the next blog network like RankJumpers would be an epic stupid move.  Guess who else recently joined RankJumpers?  Google joined Rankjumpers!  They joined all the widely publicized and advertised blog networks and have been infiltrating them one by one.  So why is joining another blog network a dumb idea?  Well, because the time, effort, and money that you invest could disappear in a flash.

Here is a basic rule of business that also applies to internet marketing:

When something doesn’t work anymore stop doing it!!!

Simply put, public blog networks are done, they don’t work anymore so don’t join another one just because someone wrote up a review saying its not “deindexed yet”.  Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money, don’t make that mistake.  Go ahead and join RankJumpers if you want but I’m sure Google is submitting articles to it now and unmapping the entire network for deindexing.

What does work?  Contextual backlinks from blogs certainly do still work to raise search engine rankings, if they didn’t then Google wouldn’t be working so hard to terminate the networks.  But this doesn’t mean go out and join a blog network, unless you want to jump in another cesspool that will soon be deindexed then go right ahead and waste your time and money.

What are the best alternatives to blog networks?

There are a couple different roads you can take at this time.   Let’s take a look at them both, the first is the most time consuming.

White Hat SEO

Guest Posts – contact website owners in your niche and ask if you can write a high quality article with a link back to you site.  Only problem is the amount of time this can take to find good blogs that will allow a post and if you are in a small niche many of them may actually be your competitors.  The other drawback is the quality content will draw traffic to that website instead of yours in hopes that the link will raise your rankings to get you traffic.

Pros – its super white hat and you could get some high quality links from relevant websites

Cons – time consuming, there is no guarantee that link will raise your rankings at all, you created high quality content for someone else

Blog Commenting – spend your some time each day leaving high quality comments on niche relevant blogs

Pros – you might get a link back to your site and maybe even a clickthrough – wow, nice!

Cons – super time consuming to do manually, the Return on Investment of Time, or ROIT,  as I say is really impossible to measure.  A lot of time can be spent on super minimal results.  The reason that blog networks have been the rage for the last few years is because they were super effective and time spent to submit a couple spun articles was very minimal.  There was a very high ROIT.

Link Bait

I’m already getting really bored and irritated by talking about white hat stuff so if you really want to learn more about white hat seo just go over to SEOmoz and see how white hat seo works for them.

Ironically the link I just referenced above is incredible “link bait” which is a white hat SEO tactic that is very difficult to pull off correctly, and this guy did it on accident.

Grey Hat SEO

Public Blog Networks – Build My Rank deindexed, High PR Society Deindexed, ALN deindexed, SEOLinkMonster deindexed, SEOnitro deindexed – anymore questions?  What’s that?  Should you go join RankJumpers?  ummm no, you are probably better off jumping off a cliff to increase your rankings, hows that for rank jumping?

Pros – you get to have all of your links deindexed after spending your money, wait, that’s not quite a pro is it?

Cons – you get to have all of your links deindexed after spending your money

Social Networking Sites for Backlinks – websites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Multiply are incredible effective free sources of backlinks.  If you setup a real blog and write quality content it’s not even considered grey hat, it would still be white hat.  Use some super powerful software like Senuke X to sign up for hundreds of social networks automatically and post spun articles and now you have crossed into the dark grey hat seo area.  Here is a good list of social networking sites you can use for free.

Pros – when used with powerful link building software this method is super powerful and can take only a few minutes each day.

Cons – you’ll need to spend some time ramping up on how to use SEO automation software but if you just take the time to watch the videos, practice, and learn the time invested is well worth it.

Is Link Automation Dangerous?

I’ve never seen anyone seriously injured from using link building software so I really do not think it is dangerous.  Oh, did you mean is it dangerous to your website?  When used correctly link automation is by far the most effective link building technique that can be used when it comes to time efficiency and results.

Safe Link Building Automation

Use software that has a scheduler, don’t blast your website with hundreds of links within the span of a couple minutes.  Set it up to post to 30 or 40 sites over a period of 1 month.   Use high quality articles from a service like ArticleBuilder so that you have an endless supply of high quality content.  Build backlinks to your backlinks – link building automation can be super effective as a 2nd tier backlink builder.  You can quickly and efficiently build thousands of backlinks to your 1st level backlinks.  This gives them more ranking power and you will even be able to drive traffic from your 1st tier of backlinks.

Use Link Building Automation to Rank your Other Web Properties

I have found Senuke X to be the most effective at very quickly ranking these types of sites

Amazon.com – write a Kindle book or have one written, title the book your keyword.  Blast away with thousands of links

Facebook – Name a fanpage after your keyword, blast away with thousands of links and watch it rank on page 1 nearly overnight

Youtube – This is unbelievably easy, put your keyword in the title and in the description, blast away with links and rank sometimes in 24 hours on page 1.

Web 2.0 sites – Posterous.com and Tumblr.com can be blasted with links and rank very quickly – they are also included in Senuke X.  I typically build a couple good sites on those and then use the automation power to blast them and rank them.

PDF Share Sites – like Docstoc and Scribd – put a PDF on one of these sites with links (even affiliate links) – rank for your keyword by blasting with links

PRweb – This is a great press release site because it will get some good syndication, but as an added bonus I use Senuke X to drive links to the press release on PRweb and have ranked them on page 1 for the keyword.

** Spoiler Alert ** – all of these websites can drive traffic and sales, they also link back to your main website in many cases which helps to drive your rankings up.  If you are afraid of using link building automation software on your own website then that’s o.k. because you can use it all day long on sites that still drive traffic and sales to you.

I have only hit the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with this software and haven’t begun to hit all the details on how I use it.

I often hear people say – “I have read alot of bad reviews on Senuke”

Those are reviews by people that don’t know how to use the tool correctly. Let me explain.

I do not know how to build houses but I know that I would need a hammer to do it.  I go out and buy a hammer.  I try to build a house.  I smash my fingers and in the process barely put a few boards together.  I write a bad review of a hammer saying how a hammer is stupid and not a good tool for building houses.  Well, that is just plain stupid and any carpenter would tell me that my review was stupid.

What if I actually learned how to use a hammer, and used it on the right things rather than trying to use a hammer to nail two pieces of glass together in a window.  You see, most people never take the time to learn how to use the tools correctly, and what to use them for.

A good place to start practicing is on some Web 2.0 sites that you create, and a couple of youtubes.  If you don’t have a Youtube then simply make one or pay someone on Fiverr.com to read a script for you, there are lots of talented people waiting for work.

What Next?

If you are looking for a time efficienct and cost efficient link building tool that can be used to drive traffic and sales I would recommend you at least start off with a 14 day free trial of Senuke X to at least see if it is something you can get the hang of.  Watch the training videos, experiment ranking some Youtube videos and web 2.0 sites and find out for yourself.

Senuke X 14 Day Free Trial <———– Set it up and forget it – it will run on 3 machines, so if you have 3 computers get it running on all of them!

SEnukeX SEO Software

Build My Rank Customers Are Signing Up in Droves to Link Building Automation Software

In the wake of the Build My Rank deindexing internet marketers across the world are looking for a viable alternative to regain lost backlinks.  Not only Build My Rank was affected.  Several popular blog networks have been infiltrated by Google and deindexed.

We have confirmed reports of all of these networks being deindexed by Google

  • Build My Rank
  • Authority Link Network – 25% deindexed but in danger of losing much more
  • SEO Elite Linkvine
  • SEO Nitro
  • Backlink Buddy
  • SEO LinkMonster
  • High PR Society
  • Elite Network

social networking sites as build my rank alternativeLink Diversity is More Important Than Ever

Any advertised blog networks are at great risk of being immediately deindexed since now Google is actively looking to deindex them all.  Build My Rank was the highest quality and had the best reputation which leads SEO experts to believe that no blog network is safe.  If you only relied partially on blog networks and had a very diverse link profile then you probably were not effected much by the mass deindexings.

Best Backlinks For Link Diversity?

Powerful link building software makes it possible to build a very diverse backlink profile that is built slowly over time from several different platforms such as

  1. Social Networking sites with free blogs on high page rank domains
  2. Social Bookmarking sites
  3. Press Release sites
  4. Web 2.0 websites
  5. Forum Sites
  6. Article Directories
  7. RSS Directories
  8. WordPress Article Directory Sites

What makes this powerful link building software so amazing is that there are built in templates that can be used and the jobs can be scheduled.  The software can be used in a very smart way so that you are only building a dozen backlinks direct to your site from high authority sites, and then building hundreds of backlinks to the first tier creating a natural and viral looking backlink campaign.

Build My Rank Alternative?

The sites that are included in this incredibly effective link building software known as Senuke X are high authority and trusted by Google which means Google isn’t deindexing these sites.   If you use the software wisely you can build high quality mini websites that link back to your business and then you can build several hundred backlinks to the mini site.  The mini sites that you can create with Senuke X also drive traffic to your main site while increasing your search engine rankings.  If you are searching for an alternative to blog networks and Build My Rank it would be wise to at least give the 14 day free trial a go and see what it can do for you.

What About Content for Your Backlinks?

Here comes the best part of using this highly powerful seo automation software.  There are a couple ways you can get highly readable quality content to use with this marketing system.  Senuke X is now fully integrated with Jonathan Legers super high quality ArticleBuilder software.  Simply add your username and password to the software and it will generate an incredibly high quality, perfectly readable and spun ready article for your campaign.  This has allowed us to create high quality content to submit to these websites that they love because it brings traffic in and looks great.  When the Web 2.0 site moderators see high quality perfectly readable content it stands heads and tails above the crowd of any low quality they see, and the low quality is what they delete.  So by raising the bar and submitting the high quality content your sites look like Gold and stand the test of time.

The 1 year subscription to ArticleBuilder is $297 but well worth it for the thousands of articles you can create from every niche.  High quality content is more important than ever for a proper internet marketing and link building campaign so it is highly suggested to use this powerful tool with the link building software.  A cheaper alternative would be to invest in Jonathan Legers program The Best Spinner and create high quality articles this way.  It is also integrated with Senuke X for ease of use.

Get Your Rankings Back Right Now – AND MAJOR BONUS

Here is a quick plan on how to rebuild your rankings over the next 30 days with Senuke X

1 Sign Up For SEnuke X with this link

2 email us – seobonus@rickporter.org with your confirmation to receive a powerful bonus

3 We will build you 50 .edu and .gov profile backlinks and use our powerful link indexing services to get them indexed fast

4 We will send you the exact premade template we use to rank our Youtube videos on page 1 – it can be done in 24 hours on autopilot!

5 Send the URL of your site and I will do an SEO audit to give you onsite SEO recommendations that you can implement to get an instant boost for your rankings

** Important – if you sign up for the 14 day free trial you will need to wait until the trial is up and you have been billed for the 1st month in order to receive the bonus.  If you want the bonus right away sign up for ‘no free trial’.

6 I’ll advise you on the best strategy to use on your website to get the most out of the link building software and the secret Fiverr.com jobs I use for my personal SEO clients when they need an extra boost.  I’ve ordered hundreds of Fiverr.com jobs in the last couple months so I have plenty of experience testing various ones and their effectiveness.

Right now building link diversity from high quality websites is your best strategy.  The benefits of this link building software is how you can leverage your time so that you can spend more of your time building a high quality website that converts your traffic into sales and revenue.

Click here to get Senuke X <— use it to replace blog networks like Build My Rank