USANA Expands to Belgium and France

Exciting news for USANA Health Sciences based in Utah.

For Immediate Release:

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Worldwide economic recession hasn’t stopped USANA Health Sciences from expanding.  Currently USANA is operating in 16 markets and this addition will bring them to 18.  This new expansion into France and Belgium is planned for the first quarter of 2012.  Why expansion into France?  France has the 10th largest direct selling market in the world and total sales estimated at $usana health sciences2.4 billion.

Currently USANA manufactures extremely high quality personal care and nutritional products. Among the USANA Health Sciences offerings are three product lines including meal replacements and energy drinks, skin and hair and body care, and general nutritional supplementation for optimal health and wellness, along with detoxification.

Many Olympians and professional athletes use and attest to the benefits of USANA Health Sciences nutritional supplements. Covering the full gamut of sports, there are professional swimmers, skiers, football players, speed skaters, boxers, track and field stars, hockey players, baseball players and more who consistently use USANA supplementation for optimum performance in their chosen professions. A plethora of professional athletes endorse the USANA brand.

Besides the professionals with great notoriety harnessing the full power and benefit of USANA Health Sciences dietary supplementation, there are millions more common folk who have their own daily regimen of nutritionals, assisting them in weight loss, helping them to gain a healthier overall appearance with the personal care and skin products, and boosting their energy levels and helping with their overall fitness and physique. To add to the mix are also the detoxification products that the many fans of USANA products use to cleanse their bodies of impurities and to help them renew their body systems.

USANA distributorship offers the several unique benefits that typical corporate world jobs are lacking in. USANA Health Sciences distributor home-based businesses are typified by the opportunity to choose one’s own working hours with the ability to go full- or part-time, and a flexibility that bucks the rigidity of mainstream America traditional work schedules. The USANA compensation plan is the highest of profitable reporting companies in the entire networking marketing industry. The USANA opportunity has also been consistently rated (10 years running) as a Distributor Choice Best Company in Network Marketing Today & The MLM Insider Magazine.

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